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Name:Grimm Fanworks
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. #1 general policies .

☾ Welcome! [community profile] grimm_works is a place for fanworks based on NBC's 2012 television series Grimm. We welcome all Grimm-related fanworks of all ratings, including fic, art, mixes, icons, wallpapers, manips, etc. RPF (real-person-fiction) is allowed.

☾ All posters are strongly encouraged to link to their works from their personal journals, their fic journals, or their preferred hosting archive (ie: AO3 or instead of posting any works directly to the community.

☾ Membership is open and posting is unmoderated, but please be sure to read this whole page before posting.

☾ Follow basic rules of politeness:
     No bashing of works.
     No kink shaming.
     Place long posts OR posts with more than one picture behind a cut.
     Properly note potentially trigger-content. (Please see the Grimm Kink Meme's List of Triggers for reference.)

☾ All posters of work will be given the benefit of the doubt when posting for the first time. If you forget your rating tag or warnings in text, a mod will (nicely <3) contact you about the situation. You will be given at least 12 hours to edit the post to community standards.

. #2 posting format & tag requirements .

☾ ALL posts MUST be tagged with a rating, of which there are three: explicit (meaning NC17), mature (meaning R), or general audiences (anything under R). This is so that users can find stories appropriate to their age or comfort levels. (Or look only for porn.) Please feel free to use any rating system you would like in your actual post.

☾ ALL posts require in their text:
     Content Notes (/Warnings): (if no content notes or warnings are required, please put "N/A" or "none"; if you choose not to warn, please put something like "choose not to warn")

☾ Encouraged options:

. #3 phone a mod .

☾ If you are having any trouble with the comm or would like clarification on any posting guideline, please contact [personal profile] grimm_mod by PM or at grimmworksmod at gmail. Alternatively, go to the Ask a Mod page.

☾ Request affiliation at the Ask a Mod page.

☾ Two of the mods are available online!



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